How to Grow a Fan Base on Soundcloud

Hypeddit allows you to grow your fan base on SoundCloud

Hypeddit allows you to grow your fan base on SoundCloud

Prior to 2015, artists would follow the common practice of allowing a download of their songs in exchange for a “like” on Facebook on their artist page. But as of late 2014, Facebook banned this practice and now artists have to find new ways to gather fans. It is important for artists to gather fans on their social online accounts.

Artists have to find new ways to gather new fans. Then came Hypeddit. With Hypeddit, you upload a track on your SoundCloud account then you get a link to the page where you add it to the download button on your SoundCloud page. Whenever someone tries to download one of your track, they’re automatically taken to the page that forces a follower to follow you on SoundCloud before they can download the track. Hypeddit is a great way to grow your fan base on SoundCloud.

For more information, be sure to check out Hypeddit’s YouTube video explaining the software for a clear explanation of how to grow your fan base on SoundCloud:

The price of this service costs $5 a month or $49 for the Pro Plan. This is a relatively cost-efficient service and you get what you pay for. 

So would I recommend this service? That’s a definite YES. Hypeddit is the perfect way for new and existing artists to grow their fan base on SoundCloud. 

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