How Many Lawyers Are There in California?

According to the State Bar of California, there are approximately 185,000 active lawyers in California.  The average age is 49 years old. 

In Los Angeles, there are currently 54,000 active lawyers. 

Which law school has the most active law school alumni’s? That honor goes to UC Hasting with 17,000 graduates, Loyola with approximately 15,000 graduates, and UCLA with 13,000 graduates. 

Which undergraduate school has the largest number of graduates admitted to the California State Bar? That achievement goes to UCLA with approximately 22,000 alumni’s, Berkeley with 19,000 graduates, and USC with approximately 8,000. 

The class of 2008 has the most admitted lawyers with approximately 7,000 lawyers. 

Please note that this information is as current as January, 2015.

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