Who is an Entrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur Sees An Opportunity Which Others Do Not.

An Entrepreneur Sees An Opportunity Which Others Do Not.

An entrepreneur is a person who sees an opportunity, makes a plan, starts the business, and runs the business. An entrepreneur is someone who, rather than working 8 hours a day for someone else, would prefer to work 18 hours a day for him or herself. An entrepreneur sees an opportunity which others do not, to meet a demand to create or improve the performance of an existing business.

Some characteristics of an entrepreneur:

  • Great self-reliance
  • Strive for distinction through merit and hard work
  • Highly optimistic while being constantly confronted with people who don’t believe in you
  • Favor challenges of risk

Some ways than an entrepreneur thinks:

  • “I appreciate everything coming into my life and look forward to more.”
  • “This idea has great potential, let’s see how we can make it work.”
  • “That person had he same idea I did; maybe we can collaborate and create something even more amazing.”
  • “There’s plenty for everyone and working together creates a bigger pie to share.”

Here are some ways you can think like an entrepreneur:

  • Forget about competition and think collaboration instead. There’s no such thing as competition.
  • See the abundance in everything. 
  • Instead of asking how could it fail, ask how could it work. Everything has potential.
  • Look for success and things that are going well, instead of what’s going wrong.

So what do you think makes a great entrepreneur? Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? Let us know!

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