Advice About Living in Los Angeles

Learn about the best city in the world - Los Angeles

Learn about the best city in the world - Los Angeles

Los Angeles.

It's the most loved hated city in the world. Even if you love to hate it, you can't help but to appreciate one of the best cities in the world. Here are some solid advice about living in Los Angeles.

The most distinguishable characteristic of Los Angeles is its traffic. The best way to avoid traffic in Los Angeles is not to drive on the freeway before 10 a.m. and after 4:00 p.m. If you’re expecting to travel from one city to another, give yourself at least an hour for the commute. Another great advice is to use the popular GPS navigation app, Waze. Waze is a smart app that takes information from users using the app and provides other users better and faster routes for their travels. Download it and give it a try to avoid traffic as much as you can.

There are parking signs everywhere, especially in West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Make sure you carefully read the parking signs before you leave your car. Parking enforcement in Los Angeles is infamous for leaving parking tickets immediately after your time allotted is up by parking signs. And be extra vary in Beverly Hills -- multiple parking signs are very typical.


Standard tip is 15% to 20%. Please be mindful of this. $2 per drink at bars and $2 to valets. 

Unlike New York where everything is clear and out in the open, Los Angeles is a relatively secret city - there are hidden gems all over the city. You may miss out on a bunch of restaurants and places to visit if someone doesn’t take you there. If you want to learn about a city, get to know its people. Talk to people and ask locals where their favorite hang out spots are.

Visit Malibu. No need to say more.

Use popular restaurant reservations app OpenTable to make reservations for your dinner plans ahead of time. This will save you time and headache by planning ahead on a simple to use app. 

Los Angeles is beautiful in so many ways. Get to know it & enjoy it.