3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Lawyer Review Your MCN Contract

Top 3 Reasons to Have Your MCN Contract Reviewed by a Contract Lawyer

Top 3 Reasons to Have Your MCN Contract Reviewed by a Contract Lawyer


PewDiePie is paid millions to play PC games and video games from the comfort of his bedroom. He currently has the biggest YouTube channel with more than 40 million subscribers and is reported to be making more than 7.4 million dollars.

No wonder a multitude of Multi-Channel Networks have been trying to woo him to sign a contract with them. Judging from the amount of money he has been making lately, he must have a good YouTube attorney who gets him to sign all the right contracts.

It is important to bring on a contract attorney to at least review, if not draft, any type of legal document that you are supposed to sign. A YouTube contract lawyer can offer guidance about your contract with a network if you or the network has broken the contract and help you deal with other complicated legal issues.  

It is tempting to sign a YouTube contract because an MCN is waving money before your eyes but first find a good lawyer to do the following:


1. Make Sure the Contract Protects Both Parties

For most YouTubers reading a contract is as lively as watching paint dry. The reason why you need to read and sign a contract is to ensure that you are protected.

A YouTube attorney is able to go through the boring document to ensure that the terms in the contract do not favor the MCN over you. Lawyers have the experience to see trouble before it happens because they have dealt with such issues before.


2. Lawyers Understand other Lawyers

If an MCN brings a lawyer on a call, you need to have your own lawyer engage with him or her. Your lawyer will understand the legal jargon the other party’s attorney will be using.

Remember the representatives of the network are only signing a contract with you for the sake of the MCN. Never let the MCN’s attorney explain the contract to you because you are not the one paying him or her.


3. Negotiation Power for a Valid YouTube Contract

Negotiating for a better contract calls for confidence and language. You may have the confidence but unless you are an experienced lawyer, you may not have the best language to argue for a better deal.

A YouTube contract attorney will know when to call the other party’s bluff and when to settle for a deal offered by a Multi-Channel Network. There is a lot of grandstanding in law but knowing what the law really says and the limits of a contract is what makes a deal sweeter.


Initially, PewDiePie did sign a contract with an MCN called Machinima but later extracted himself from the cumbersome contract through legal action.  He complained that Machinima did not offer him adequate support after signing a contract with him despite his extraordinary success on YouTube.

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