3 Tips Before Signing a YouTube MCN Contract

In the recent years of growing technology, YouTube has grown alongside the Internet, creating business opportunities for a place that was once only run by amateur content creators.

Multi-channel networks (MCNs) are organizations related to YouTube that offers assistance in video production, management, funding, audience development, etc.

These networks bring in the business opportunities for popular YouTubers by helping YouTubers expand their channel and influence in exchange for a cut of their income.

Thoroughly researching MCNs, negotiating the terms of contract, and having a Youtube lawyer review the MCN contracts before signing the agreement can ensure mutual benefits in addition to enhancing the partnership experience for both parties. 


What You Should Do Before Joining an MCN

Before joining an MCN, YouTubers should research the different types of networks out there. One network may be willing to cater to your needs or one may be offering more incentives than the others.

Once you narrow down the list of networks that work for you, do a thorough research and investigation of the networks. It would be beneficial to look into areas such as run-ins with the law, previous contracts, or any contract violations etc. Their reputation and client reviews may also offer valuable insight into the networks.

Another approach is to ask for insight from fellow YouTubers who are already under the network. Do not limit yourself to just the main stars of the network but also get to know the other YouTubers as well.

This will help you develop a bigger picture of what the network is like. In any case, if you are unsure about committing to a network, ask for a trial before signing a contract. Investigating various networks will help you gauge which one works best for you.


Record Everything

Another tip is to record everything in writing and renegotiate contract if needed. By recording everything in writing, you can clearly review all details and ask a music attorney for clarification if something is ambiguous.

Some issues that can be negotiated are higher cost per thousand impressions (CPMs), sponsorship opportunities, channel management, production equipment, etc. Review the pros and cons of having a network step in to fulfill certain needs.

If a network is unwilling to put a promise into the contract, they are most likely to maintain their end of the bargain. If you can renegotiate for the promise, be certain that the next draft of the contract has the network quantify and guarantee when and how they will deliver the promise.

Do not be intimidated by the networks into accepting the first draft of a contract. As a content creator, you have something that the networks need in order to make business. You have the power to negotiate for a better deal. 


Have a YouTube Lawyer Review the MCN Contract

Before signing the contract, have a YouTube lawyer review the details. Contracts usually come with complications. It is recommended that YouTubers create multiple drafts and have lawyers review it before signing to limit liability or other issues later on.

A lawyer can read between the lines and decipher the legal jargon that may cause ambiguities and confusion. They can clarify uncertainties surrounding duties or responsibilities.

They will also be able to assist you in arguing for a better contract agreement that matches your needs and also benefits you. A lawyer will work in your interest to make sure that the terms of contract are upheld and in the event that the contract is broken, they can also better represent you in court.

MCNs are business opportunities for YouTubers. It may seem like an arduous task in partnering with MCNs. However, if YouTubers carefully consider all options before signing a contract, it may establish a mutually beneficial relationship and business. 


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