How to Market Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is an image-based social network where users are able to share their pictures and videos with their friends and followers. More than 300 million users use Instagram regularly. With mobile use and utility rising so quickly, it is worth exploring the marketing opportunities that may exist on Instagram. While Instagram has little use as a user traffic tool, it does have its benefits from a brand awareness perspective that may be effective for your business. Further, Instagram is the only social media where your posts get exposed to ALL of your followers.

Instagram is most often accessed on a user’s phone, even though a desktop version is available on as well. From there, people can take a photo and able to apply one of Instagram’s many filters to change the feel and look of the picture. Then, the user can post the image to their feed where their followers can like or comment on the picture. 

The hashtags # you use on Instagram are important to the spread of your image. The maximum recommended number of hashtags should not be more than a handful. Also, you will see the best results if you are using hashtags that have geographical significance such as #losangeles or #encino 

Even though there aren't that many places to place descriptions and keywords on your Instagram profile, you can still utilize Instagram’s short description box to briefly summarize your key marketing keywords in a condensed form.

For example, on my Instagram account, I briefly explain who I am in 4 words: “Business & Entertainment Attorney.” It is also important to provide a link to your website. The more simple and to the point, the better the description.

While there aren’t that other ways to drive a user to your website, you can use this quick and easy way to target your audience to visit your website when they visit your Instagram profile.

Further, while Instagram may not feature that many uses to drive traffic, you can use Instagram to keep your followers up to date with your business updates. It’s also important to not overdo it. Keep your posts consistent, not more than a couple of posts a week (no one likes someone who posts multiple times a day), and keep them fresh and original. 

Here are some tips to grow your followers on Instagram:

  1. Connect your channels between Instagram and your website by providing a link on your Instagram profile as explained above.
  2. Post high quality, personable visuals that interest your readers
  3. Use only a handful of hashtags #, anywhere from 1 to 10 hashtags, not more.
  4. Be genuine and don't ask for likes

While Instagram does not seem like a platform to market your business, if you utilize Instagram’s posts and description to your advantage, you will be able to drive some traffic to your website and help raise awareness for your brand.

Do you use Instagram to drive your business? Let us know!

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