How to Prevent Someone From Stealing Your Online Content

iCopyright is designed for content creators, publishers, bloggers, and developers like you.

iCopyright is designed for content creators, publishers, bloggers, and developers like you.

Whether you an online content creator, publisher, blogger, developer, or someone who writes for his or her own website or blog, you need to protect your work from getting stolen.

As an online content creator, you work hard to write original content for your website or blog. As you know, your content is the most important part of your website. Content provides your readers confidence in your brand and business. 

However, every business is prone to people who try to take advantage of you. Just because your business is online does not mean you are not susceptible to people trying to infringe and steal your content. Your content can be copy and pasted and reposted and basically stolen in many forms without any form of permission from the owner. This infringement, in the form of piracy, hurts creators, devalues their work, and puts you and your business at risk.

However, there is a way that allows other content creators to share your work without stealing your work. Please note that the placement of © Copyright symbol does not fully protect you from other people stealing your work. Copyright © 2015 Company Name, All Rights Reserved does little to protect your work when it's just sitting there at the bottom of your website.  There is a better to protect your copyrighted work.

iCopyright is copyright protection for the 21st century. iCopyright is designed for content creators, publishers, bloggers, and developers like you. iCopyright allows you to place a toolbar at the bottom of every article or blog you post on your website so it's easy for people to respect your copyright. 

iCopyright's features:

  1. Gives readers a way to share your work with your permission
  2. Asks readers to give you credit, even for commercial uses on terms you set
  3. Protects your work when readers copy and paste from your website/blog

iCopyright also automatically tracks down duplicate copies of your work and warns you of such infringements. To learn more about iCopyright's use, visit their website here

How can a Copyright lawyer help you secure your Copyright protection?

A copyright lawyer is able to offer legal advice and service regarding the use of copyright, filing a registration, licensing, cease and desist letters, and marketing. Also, a Copyright lawyer may help prevent legal problems before they occur. 

Mollaei Law is an entertainment law firm specializing in Copyright serving artists and content creators and can help with all of your Copyright questions. For more information, please visit Everything You Need to Know about Copyright.