Why Your Moving Company Should Have Insurance


Moving is stressful.

Not only do you have to worry about packing your items, you must rent a truck, and figure out a specific schedule to avoid any type of fees. Then you have to worry about insurance. Should you take it? How much should I opt for? Do you even really need it?

These are questions you have to answer if you are doing all of the moving yourself. If you hire any one of the numerous Simi Valley movers you can find online, the questions change dramatically.


Protecting Your Items

One way to check if the moving company you are considering is legit is to ask about the safety of your goods.

The U.S Department of Transportation has made it mandatory for any transport company, movers included, to be held liable for the value of any goods they are transporting. This also includes companies that might offer you the use of a moving storage unit. If they are transporting it, they are liable. This is not insurance, however, so do not be fooled.


Released Value and Full Value Liability

Different moving companies will offer different levels of liability protection.

First, you have those who offer full value protection. Basically, this means they will repair, replace, or pay you out of pocket for any damages they might have caused. This almost always carries an additional cost.

Most people also assume this is insurance, when it is not. However, released value means they are responsible for far less. At best, you are looking at getting about $0.60 per pound of the item.

Let’s take an Xbox One as an example, which weights a little less than 8 pounds. With released value protection, you would get $0.48 for your damaged Xbox One. This also includes the transportation of any moving storage unit provided by the moving company.

Moving companies who have insurance will typically provide full value protection. This protects their company from any major losses, while building a good reputation with customers. They can also refer you to companies they partner with to offer additional insurance to you, if the cost of full liability through them is too much. It is important to remember these insurance companies work in the interest of the mover, however, and not the client.

If you are looking for reliable movers with a reputation for protecting their customer’s items, while giving them competitive pricing and delivery windows that can be counted on, contact Attention 2 Detail today. You won’t be disappointed.


Sam Mollaei

Business & Entertainment Lawyer in Los Angeles