How Real-Time Weather Data Can Help You Make Business Decisions and Put Safety First


Weather Radar Lightning Tracker

Since 1992, Earth Networks has been giving organizations and businesses across a vast gamut of industries the tools and technologies they need to stay safe during hazardous weather conditions.

From the world’s only collection of environmental networks, including greenhouse gas, lightning, and weather spanning six continents, to their large weather observation network of more than 12,000 hyper-local weather stations, Earth Networks is committed to keeping your company safe and secure.


Preparing for Tomorrow, Today

Earth Networks can help your company or organization tomorrow by preparing real time weather data and forecasts today.

The smart, severe weather platform boasts web-based alerts, visuals, monitoring systems and shows you current weather conditions in one easy-to-use interface, right on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This helps you to:

  • Make informative choices for severe weather for your business
  • Arrange with stakeholders during bad weather
  • Protect your assets, properties, patrons, and employees


A Smart Decision

Earth Networks’ application includes an impressive library of information, including Total Lightning, Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, National Weather Service Alerts, and other radar and weather-related features including a weather radar lightning tracker.

Another feature of the app enables you to save and share personalized drawings, such as new objects or third-party data. You can also effortlessly broadcast live weather maps from anywhere in the world.

All of this is backed by Earth Networks’ 20+ years of experience, 12,000 professional-grade weather stations worldwide, and long-range lightning detection capabilities across the globe.

If you want to take Earth Networks’ solutions for a test drive, visit the company’s website today for more information.


Sam Mollaei

Business & Entertainment Lawyer in Los Angeles