Who Needs an Independent Contractor Agreement?

  • Companies, businesses, or entrepreneurs who are looking to hire an independent contractor;
  • Individuals who want to make sure that the company owns any intellectual property that is worked on by the independent contractor for the company;
  • Individuals who are looking to clear any confusions about each party's rights and obligations when it comes to hiring a new employee.


Who is An Independent Contractor?

An independent contractor is a person who works on a project as a freelancer rather than as an employee. As such, there are various industries in which an independent contractor may work.

Among the most common jobs are those that are based on creativity, such as freelance graphic designers, website designers, freelance writing and editing, artist jobs, business and financial advisors, general consultants, electricians, and carpenters, among others. 

Independent contractors agree on the desired work product and then control the means and manner of achieving the outcome. Further, independent contractors offer services to the public at large, not just to one business. 

Workers who have significant entrepreneurial opportunity and retain direction and control over their work are more likely to be considered independent contractors. A worker, such as a graphic artist, who provides unsupervised, specialized work that is needed only irregularly, is a clear-cut example of an independent contractor.


What Will You Receive When You Order an Independent Contractor Agreement?

  • Independent Contractor Agreement - This document lays out the important legal terms for your company's association of an independent contractor's services and established a worker's independent contractor status. An independent Contractor Agreement contains the following terms:
    • Description of the contractor's services
    • Agreed upon fee
    • Term and conditions relating to termination
    • Any other other important provisions
  • Information on how to properly use an Independent Contractor Agreement.
  • An on-staff California certified attorney who will specifically tailor an Independent Contractor Agreement to fit your needs and answer any questions you may have regarding this agreement.
  • Service within 24 hours. That is our guarantee.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will gladly refund your money with no questions asked. 


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